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Releasing The Scars" Virtual Summit 2021
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To empower individuals to see themselves as God see them by releasing false beliefs caused from their physical or emotional scars.


Millions of people develop scars from burn injuries, surgeries and traumatic events. Scars are known to have wide ranging effects on individuals.


  • For example, facial scars have been shown to impact psychosocial functioning causing increased anxiety and self-consciousness

  • traumatic scars can have the potential to impair social functioning and emotional well-being and burn scars have been shown to decrease physical functioning.

  • Recently, hypertrophic scars have been labeled the greatest unmet challenge both psychosocially and functionally to burn rehabilitation.


Source: BMJ Journals Volume 9, Issue 6:  Psychosocial and quality of life impact of scars in the surgical, traumatic and burn populations:


Scars can result from a range of causes: accidents, surgery, and even acne. The resultant change in appearance can negatively affect body image and self-confidence.


Scarring is stigmatized in society because of the premium placed on beauty - disfigurement or unsightly features are still used to portray evil in horror films, comic strips, and fairy tales. Patients describe scars as living with the trauma and sufferers can feel devalued by society.


Scars are inflexible and cause functional impairment which may prompt a change in career and have financial repercussions. Those with scars undergo a remodeling of their emotional state and are more prone to the development of depression and anxiety; feelings of shame and aggression can follow. This creates strain in social interactions, resulting in stunted communication, reduced intimacy, and avoidant behaviors. There is limited treatment available to address the psychological burden in this subset of patients. Additionally, doctors often lack training in recognition and management of psychosocial issues. Steps must be taken to relieve the physical, emotional, and psychological marks caused by scars.


Source: Mildred Ngaage & Mark Agius: THE PSYCHOLOGY OF SCARS:

A MINI-REVIEW Psychiatria Danubina, 2018; Vol. 30, Suppl. 7, pp 633-638

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