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My Bella Body Experience has been nothing short of Amazing! Not only have I officially lost 43lbs sense march which is a pretty big deal if I say so myself. What Bella Body has taught me is it isn't about being on a diet it has taught me no matter where you are just start, have Great faith, and Trust, never condemn yourself its also okay to start again.
Bella Body has also showed me each week how to just be me authentically, loving on me and appreciating where I am in life be acceptable to my now life and just be free.

IAM free from my past pain and traumas that I thought no longer existed but deep in my soul it still was living inside me. Each Week Helped me in so many ways to Get be aquatinted with Our Father and get back to me. While adulting we forget how to love on us in tend to be everything for everyone else. What I found was me again and I’m thankful.
Bella Body is very transparent and knowing that you will have struggles and if you do just be real about it, admit it, and reset. Bella Body gives you the strength, wisdom, and knowledge through christ to know you’re not alone and to make it your own walk, but see it through till the end. What’s Greater then anything is God is helping you to recreate his Temple ( Your Body) through Bella Body. All you have to do is trust the process create your journey and appreciate every success big or small!

This journey will make you new on the inside in out you will have doubts thats okay, you will start to feel feelings again, You’ll be more open and receiving to love, You also will appreciate yourself more for taking on this journey and most importantly your eating habits will change and thats what its about! You will be successful because Bella Body has a true Transformation waiting for you.

Mrs. P.Turner

I thank you again so much for believing in me and being one of Gods Angels 🙏🏽


Bella Body has been a life saver!!

It has challenged me in ways I didn’t think it would have. I signed up thinking that I was going to loose weight and have this beautiful body!
A beautiful body indeed, but I already had it.. a ‘Better body is what I received as a result of engaging into the program.
Taking the 9 week course taught me that it’s not about the body only, but, the mind set and your soul!

Two traits I received as I took the course that I desperately needed and prayed for were discipline and consistency!! My vision board listed for me to become more disciplined and consistent with my prayer life because I wanted to get closer to God and build a one on one relationship with Him as my Faith got stronger. Bella Body did that for me through the daily journaling, meditating on scriptures and praying! It was really tough at first, I could ‘my get my routine together or stick with it for all the distractions, but I kept going because I wanted this and desperately needed this! I know a program like this could only come from God because of the results you get at the end..,


Deeper Faith
A consistent prayer life
New mind set
Realization that a beautiful body physically is just the result of a beautiful mind and soul… they all work together …. A complete Trinity!!
For where your Mind goes, your body will follow.
Therefore, your soul prospers in peace and tranquility as you embrace your authentic self!
You become in tune with the right foods for your body
The right friends for your soul
The right exercises that bring your enjoyment
You start trusting God more
You become free!!!
Bella Body has indeed been a Blessing!!

Cynthia , A Bella Body ride or die


First off, I have to say that I was so ready for a change but wasn’t ready for the change. If that makes sense. But I love Lynesa’s program which made me comfortable and confident that I could do it.

From speaking to her to ease all my concerns to seeing the difference in my body take place, I was blown away! I’ve learned so much in the short few months with Lynesa but it it’s changed me forever! Here’s to choosing happy while being healthy.


Carissa Fitzpatrick
Newark, NJ


Hi Lynesa, this is Paula. I just want to thank you so so much for the BellaBody program. I still read the book and have some of the affirmations in my bathroom mirror...I have come a long way mentally & physically...I just want to say thank you & I love you very much for all you have done for me even those things I did not share in the Bella group Happy Holidays to you & your family..You are such an inspiration to me more than you would ever know.

Paula G., RN


Lynesa has been a very inspirational woman to me.  She has shown herself to be one who cares about helping others to achieve their highest potential.   She's a go getter and loves to lift others up as they climb the latter of success. If one doesn't make it, it's not because she didn't give of her time and her knowledge to make sure you know what she knows.   It's a pleasure to know her and know that her heart and her coaching is one I can count on for advice and guidance.

Rosemary Blevins


Lynesa continues to set the bar for empowering women to be a positive force in the world. Her strong energy, creativity, and inspiration shine brightly to make a difference.

Patti Cotton McNeily,



If I could sum up in a few words what you feel like once you have left a session with Lynesa Williams. I would say, “You have received a loving hug that allows you to confidently re-enter the world more boldly.”

Oftentimes, I have started a session feeling a little bogged down and dejected from a long, hard day. After my session, my mindset has shifted to one of introspection that builds up a sense of empowerment with the strength to tackle the world bravely and confidently.

Dr. S. Abdus-Salaam,

Family Medicine


"Lynesa is truly a God-given gem that reflects the beauty around her. I have had the privilege of working with Lynesa on several projects that have resulted in my personal and spiritual growth. She radiates the love of God and is selfless in her drive to empower women. Lynesa models the energy, enthusiasm, and commitment she wants all women to express on their own journeys.


If you want to benefit from the presence of an on-fire woman of God, you need to be where ever Lynesa is bringing her unique brand of power and strength."

Linda J. Lord

Creative Entrepreneur - Author of The Pitch


For many years I've struggled to fight the battle of losing weight.

I was finally able to conquer this battle with the help of Lynesa and

The BellaBody program. My life will forever be changed physically

as well as spiritually.

R.W. - District Manager


People decide to lose weight for a variety of reasons. Certainly, for me, health is always the overriding factor. But in May 2015, I decided I truly needed to do something about my weight because my daughter was getting married in July. I contacted Lynesa Williams because I remembered her talking about her own weight loss journey and because I knew she understood the physical AND the spiritual components that needed to be addressed.


Lynesa and I talked about my goals, realizing that we had a very short time to get to where I wanted to be. For eight weeks, I had tremendous support in the BellaBody Program. It helped me stay focused, stay on track, and lose almost 20 pounds. The daily devotions, nightly affirmations, personal reflections, and weekly check-ins blessed me to succeed!

Rev. Marilynn S. Robinson


After starting the 90-Day BellaBody Reset program this past week, I have had an increase in bowel movements (normally, I only go to the restroom once a week), experienced a decrease in joint and muscle pain (I suffer from chronic inflammation), and i have lost a total of 4lbs. I definitely would recommend this program to anyone looking to reset not only their body, but also their mind and soul as well!!!

B. Smith

Certified business & Coach Author

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