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This course contains 6 powerful video modules and a helpful workbook to track your progress.

Immediately after using your INSTANT ACCESS, my 9 SECRETS to unlocking your spiritual weight-loss potential will be revealed, including:

⦁    My simple 4-step process that helps you STOP using food to medicate your pain
⦁    How to identify if you are eating out of pain or sustenance
⦁    Three steps to controlling Secretive Eating
⦁    How to overcome the urge of using COMFORT FOODS to mask your true feelings when you are hurting
⦁    Why it is essential to understand Portion Control and how never to overeat again
⦁    The 5 harmful effects that come from overeating and how to avoid them
⦁    6 signs that you SUFFER from SECRET eating
⦁    How the risk of excess weight later in life holds a variety of dangers to your health and well-being
⦁    3 steps to treating your Body with GOODNESS God's way


My goal throughout this mini-course is to provide you with my own life changing methods that will transform your BODY, MIND, and SOUL to the BEAUTIFUL BEING that God desired you to be.

And you won’t BELIEVE how EASY weight loss is once you finally nurture your spirit and realign your body, mind, and soul as one beautiful being.

Ready to get started? Well I’ve got a surprise for you!

For a LIMITED TIME, I’m dropping the price of this course from $899 to just $87...that’s more than a 90% OFF discount!  

But hurry...there are limited seats available and this ultra low intro price will be GONE soon! Grab your special intro access now!


The nine benefits.png
H - Hurting or Hungry
A - Associate
P - Portion
P - Privacy
Y - You
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